The first glimpse of an idea

I’m a stay-at-home mother taking care of our 1 year old daughter Mia. (She’s lovely!) Since some time now, & especially since her birth, we’ve been thinking of buying our first home. But where?! We were shy of thinking of Montreal as an option, because it would be expensive, we thought, and isn’t happiness in a land where one can see the stars at night anyway?

Well actually, Montreal is growing on me and my husband Francis. We are both from a smaller town (Granby) but we’ve been living in Montreal for 6 years now. Most of our friends from university have moved here as well, and we made new friends at our yoga studio. We’ve built a reliable network of health professionals and the vibe of the city, its life, makes us groove! The vegetarian restaurants, the job opportunities, the organic grocery stores, the play parks, the nature hikes (yes, on the island!), the emerging ideas & trends… This is where we belong, where we fit in, where we want to grow!

But can we afford to buy a home? We definitely want a piece of land, not just a condo. Well, why not? Whatever we buy will gain in greater value over time compared to something located outside of Montreal. We’ll renovate it (or perhaps build anew!) and have our home certified by the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program. If we build a triplex, this will be a great opportunity for an extra income as well as sharing the healthy environment of our house with others.

So here we go! This is the plan: a LEED-certified triplex in Montreal. Let’s start finding ways of making this possible for a single-income family who deeply cares about the environment! I’m well-versed in ecology & conservation, it should be going well 🙂


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