Time for action

This is indeed the very first, and most critical, step toward realizing our project: I’ve shared my ideas with my friends & family, I’ve read on the topic, I’ve even started taking classes on ecological building… But the most important step I’ve made, beyond thinking about and imagining it, has been to actually start doing something about it. Here it is: I’m in the midst of building my own LEED certified triplex in central Montreal! Yes, the wheel is in motion and the ride has been ultra fluid up to now.

Ten days ago, I called a few real estate agents and decided to put my trust & resources in one that I feel is professional, attentive & committed to helping me find what I want. (See more info in the Team page.) We sketched my needs together – a house that needs a whole lot of repairs with a backyard facing South located near the neighborhood of La Petite-Patrie  – and she started doing the research.

And then, five days ago, I contacted three architect firms & I told them of my plan – building a LEED certified triplex in Montreal. We set up a meeting time to evaluate the feasibility of my project. I’m very excited about one of them already, but I’ll see in a little more than a week how the synergy is with each of them.

Until then, I’m registered for a ecological materials & finishing workshop and I’m eagerly awaiting a new book (Green Building and Remodeling for Dummies) over the mail!


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