Change of plan

In the last few weeks, I’ve been reading more on green building methods & the LEED certification and Living Building Challenge. It is very inspiring & my ecological background is very strongly appealed. I’ve also met with a few architect firms & banks. This gave me a much better idea of the next course of action to take. For example, building from scratch (or renovating, probably) a conventional triplex of 1000 square feet per floor with a basement would cost about $400k. That’s mostly our total budget & we need to buy a property. Also, I learned that given our current family income together with the revenu of renting the 3rd floor for $1000/month (hypothetically), we could hope for a mortgage of about $350k. Bottom line: we don’t have to monetary means to concretize our building project – I need to find a way to make ends meet!

I’ve come up with a few ideas (as I don’t know anyone who’s ready to give us the missing $250-300k). First idea: we could live on only the first floor and rent the two other ones. Another idea: we could transform our project from a personal one to a co-operative one… And by merging both insights, we could start a co-operative housing project of a LEED-certified (and even perhaps a Living) triplex of 1200 square foot per floor, where three households could co-exist. That would be great! With an intelligent design, a family of four should be able to live comfortably in 1200 square feet, we would have about thrice as much buying power to create  something beautiful and very sustainable, but we would not be the owners of our building. (I need to solidify my knowledge on this topic, as I want to know how applying for a mortgage would be different if we were co-owners & how we can become financially independent.)

I’m calling on the Universe! Ideally, I will meet two other couples that share our vision and want to become our financial partners in this housing project. We will have complementary skills that will raise the project to something much better, richer and vibrant than I could have by myself! I am opening myself up to being successful in my endeavor, finding these rare people & coming up with a mutually exciting project! I will overcome all the obstacles that may come up along the way! Let’s send these waves of intention across the cosmos, let’s create some magic!


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