Running in spiral

What have I been up to since October, when I was so driven to meet with architects and design our dream triplex? Well, I can actually tell you that I’ve been living. I had a myriad emotions about our project, building fabulous plans with my lover and then grinding them to dust when in doubt and returning to a safe “we’ll just buy a condo” idea. And then letting my passions inspire me again to find solutions to our financial dilemma.

I’ve come to the conclusion: the more grounded I am (material, centered, down to earth), the more chances we have in seeing our project be realized. I guess that’s the counterweight to the innovation of my idea. We don’t need to have a large house and yard – we’ll be comfortable, and have our selves and friends for enjoying life! For me, living in the city means opening up to the world and sharing our destinies. Yes, we’ll have very close neighbours in our triplex, and that’s a great opportunity to create a community for ourselves, intergrate the neighbourhood and affect it in positive ways. I’ve spent the last 3-4 months realizing what is important for us, what is it that we want and how to respond to the financial roadblocks we’ve been bumping into. It’s so easy, when it doesn’t work out simply, just to throw the towel and convince myself to abandon my project. But I’m dedicated to seeing it through.

Here’s our latest – and most solid – plan yet. We’re going to build a LEED-certified triplex in Montreal, near one of the public markets or on the Plateau. This triplex will have between 1,200 and 1,500 square feet per floor and we’ll separate it in three: one part for us, the other two to sell. All the green and biophilic features I wanted to add are going to be included: green roof, low-emissivity windows, rain water reuse, solar panels, state of the art isolation, plenty of sunlight, a sensible balance between sharing the common grounds and intimity… and more! Once we’ve found 2 other serious buyers, we’ll search together for a place where to build the project. (It’s a variation of my previous Change of plan.)

In the next few days, I’ll meet with a notary to make sure we’ll be doing safe transactions for everyone and I’ll check out probably two more architect firms. Then we’ll have the sketches made and put our ad in venues around the city and on the web. Since we don’t have the financial security to start by ourselves, we’ll wait to find the other two buyers. We’ll look for a place to build the triplex together and then start building. We’ll select our future neighbours carefully as we’ll ultimately need to agree on the location.

So I’m pretty proud of myself. All this thinking, reading and debating seems to have cleared up my vision of our project and I finally feel ready to move on to the next step. I thank everyone who challenged me on this project, you helped tremendously structuring our dream.


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