An infinity of options

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to make some sense of the 100+ house ads I have access to through my real estate agent’s search engine.

These ads give me valuable information such as the size of the house and the property overall, the price asked, the repairs made throughout the years (generally since the last ten years), I can see pictures of the rooms and the fa├žade, and it comes with a map that helps me visualize where it is situated. Within the Matrix system, I can classify each ad into a number of categories: trash, possibility, favorites. In addition to this, I’ve built up a customized map with Google Maps with my favorite properties.

Still, my challenge is to create a system that reflects our priorities closely so that I don’t miss any interesting opportunities, yet I can sort the ads fairly quickly. I’ve changed my mind a few times on the weight of each criterion – it evolved through discussions with my lover, with honest reflection on my idea of a home and its neighbourhood, and with what is currently available on the market.

I am a bit anxious of finding a place that will be affordable and agreable to live in. I hope to find some place this year and being in limbo makes me uncomfortable, but it’s alright – that’s part of my process.


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