Can you draw?

I’m so proud of myself! We received the first sketches of floor plan today and I personnalized them to my immense satisfaction.

We met our architect two weeks ago and we discussed what we wanted in our triplex. I had already made a detailed list (which I gave her) and she asked even more questions – Which bed size in our room? In the kids’ rooms? Do we want a dishwasher? Can we stack the clothes’ washer and dryer? I asked her for a separate bath and shower in the bathroom and a special room for doing art or yoga that would be very sunny. I told her about the Innovation credit point of LEED for using indoor plants as part of the air purification system. I saw a picture of a “bio-filtration wall” and I found the idea so brilliant that I wanted to incorporate it into our triplex as well. Our architect actually drew that wall in our dining room!

I feel very happy about the ideas she proposed us and how I juggled with them a little bit and made them my own. Maybe not all of my suggestions are feasible, but I’m pretty confident they are. I can actually say that I could live on any of the floors and feel very comfortable. I pat myself on the back for having read A Pattern Language, I tweaked some details of the drawings to meet the right patterns. For example, placing close to each others the doors of the master bedroom and the toilet’s. Or grouping together the doors of the second and third floor entry. Or creating a more fluid intimacy gradient throughout the common areas by placing the dining room closer to the living and placing the kitchen at the back (I feel this is a more private part of my home, it’s a little bit my feminine domain). And a few more things…

I can’t wait to put pictures of the finished results! Or even a sketch or two. Soon, they will be ready and you’ll be the first to see.


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