Just in time!

I’ve been working on a postcard ad with my graphist &, indirectly, my architect. I love the concept and my boyfriend suggested that I bring those at the National Home Show in case I would meet someone who would be interested in our project. The drawings from our architect aren’t ready yet, but my graphist prepared this template (see picture above) for the time being. Printed on somewhat thick paper, these flyers carry our message and we didn’t spend a fortune on something we’re going to improve very soon.

I didn’t give any away at the show..! I guess I could have, to two exhibitors, but that was more my boyfriend’s idea (he love public relations!) & it didn’t seem to me like the appropriate circumstances. But you get an idea of what’s to come soon!

Here’s the translated text:

Ecological LEED-certified triplex.
Young family from Montreal seeks partners to share a nature & urban well-being island.
If like us, you dream of a healthy house, wish to reduce your energy consumption, and have the environment to heart, visit our website or contact us… We are looking forward to meeting you!
Marie-Eve & Francis


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