A step back

You know how sometimes we get so caught up into a situation, our desires, that we forget the bigger picture. Well that just happened to me.

Within a week, with everyone I talked to, there were signs that things were not running smoothly anymore. At first, I thought a little resistance was just healthy. But after being rejected by a contractor (rather vehemently), still not having found a property, our adds being indefinitely delayed, being told by mortgage agents they wouldn’t touch our case, still being alone in all this.. and my daughter breaking her arm, my confidence in taking the right approach was now dwindling low. What’s a girl to do when the sky seems to be falling on her head and her dreams?!

I gave Mia (my daughter) to my mother for a day and layed on the grass, in the sun. I slept, I read inspirational books, I reflected on my situation & I went out to dinner with my boyfriend. Oh and I cried too, I needed to let go. I realized there’s many things I can’t control, but also some that I can. I can become a home owner until we build our dream triplex – that would ease the financial stress of renting for another number of years. I can play more with my daughter and obsess less with the project too. I needed to refocus & that was a relief to be able to do so!

The days passed, I saw some friends, I continued thinking about our situation. And then, I met someone who revealed to me something that gave me so much hope that it made my heart swell! It seems like it would feel very nice to accept this idea. Right now it’s still our secret. I’ll tell you about it maybe in a few weeks. After being busy with the triplex project for so long (easily 8 months), I’ll rest before the next phase. Until then, enjoy your life!


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