If our LEED-certified triplex project interests you, here are the first steps I recommand you take:

  1. Estimate how much you could borrow for the purchase of a home with ING Mortgage Calculator. It will give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to get (& what your monthly paiments would look like).
  2. Check the current housing market in Montreal with Centris. The price we will be asking for each floor will be somewhere between 500,000$ and 600,000$, depending on where we buy the lot on which we will build the triplex. In order to have a realistic comparision, fill the fields Category – Residential, Property Style – Condominium, & Property Type – Apartment. Bear in mind that our triplex will be certified environmental-friendly (LEED), thus very efficient in energy & great for the health of its occupants. Also, each floors will have 1200+ square feet with shared access to the whole roof and private storage in the basement for an area of about 160 square feet. Our initial construction costs are also slightly higher because of our energy-saving technologies.
  3. Read on the specificities of our triplex. (This information will be ready in the near future.)
  4. Contact me and let me know of your interest! We will be very excited to meet you & tell you more about the next steps!

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