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I love storytelling, cooking for friends, being in yoga, and traveling. I'm a spiritual gal on an earthly journey. I'm here to inspire you to expand + shine.

The promised land

[Continued from A step back…] What gave me hope again, what got me so excited was the possibility of a “promised land”. A place where I could find my people, outside of Montreal. A friend told me about Val-David, a very small town an hour North of Montreal filled with nature-lovers, yogis, raw foodists and other people living their lives within the paradigms of sustainability, love, & freedom. Basically, what I had been trying to build with my triplex, but for a whole community. Continue reading


A step back

You know how sometimes we get so caught up into a situation, our desires, that we forget the bigger picture. Well that just happened to me. Continue reading

A happy coincidence

This chapter of our peripeteia also dates back (maybe Francis will blog about it in more details), exactly on April 2nd.

We had noticed a great house for sale on the Matrix database but when it showed up (along with a few others), the owner had already accepted a sales offer. I called my real estate agent and she discouraged me to make a counteroffer. Though, she assured me she would be noticed right away if the buyers would withdraw their offer, and thus tell us – which we would know that Saturday, after their inspection. I thought it was a weird way of doing, but I didn’t argue, curious to see how it would unfold. I did well 🙂 Continue reading


It’s been a long while – a month – but here’s our story..:

On March 31st, we went to a financial institution (which I will not disclose the identity) because we had been advised by a notary that we should clarify whether we could have a mortgage for the construction of an undivided co-ownership property (the triplex). There’s actually only a handful of institutions in Montreal that can do this kind of transaction. Continue reading

A green roof

Here’s another peak view at our sketches: the roof! I didn’t draw the plants and grasses, but about 75% will be vegetalized. I can’t wait to lay in the sun, breathing in the fresh and fragrant air from our gardens and landscaping. Or to host a party with our friends on the roof! The summer nights will be electric!

Just in time!


I’ve been working on a postcard ad with my graphist &, indirectly, my architect. I love the concept and my boyfriend suggested that I bring those at the National Home Show Continue reading

Property is expensive

I wanted to have a more precise idea of how much we could sell our 2 other triplex stories. That way, we know what’s the maximum price we should pay for a property in order to have enough money for the whole project. From doing this exercise, I realized that although we’d pay more in a trendy neighbourhood (let’s say La Petite-Patrie or Le Plateau Mont-Royal), the people living there would value more a LEED-certified building. Continue reading

Can you draw?

I’m so proud of myself! We received the first sketches of floor plan today and I personnalized them to my immense satisfaction.

Continue reading

An infinity of options

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to make some sense of the 100+ house ads I have access to through my real estate agent’s search engine. Continue reading