You’ll see on this page where our money went for the construction of our triplex. I’ll put in as much details as I can as we go along in the project.

Workshops: 203.74$
Books & Magazines: 181.42$
Exhibits: 12$
Total: 359.57$

Architects: 5,559.54$
Total: 5,559.54$

Graphic Design: 90$
Printing: 48.27$
Total: 138.27$

Grand total: 6,057.38$

It must be noted that a few things are not compiled in this budget: my boyfriend’s time away from work for appointments, my own time spent on the project, the food & other expenses related to our meetings, our transportations.. We are very happy to be undertaking the realization of this project, which is dear to our heart, so at some level it doesn’t matter – but our bank account nonetheless recorded it.


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