A green roof

Here’s another peak view at our sketches: the roof! I didn’t draw the plants and grasses, but about 75% will be vegetalized. I can’t wait to lay in the sun, breathing in the fresh and fragrant air from our gardens and landscaping. Or to host a party with our friends on the roof! The summer nights will be electric!


Can you draw?

I’m so proud of myself! We received the first sketches of floor plan today and I personnalized them to my immense satisfaction.

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Change of plan

In the last few weeks, I’ve been reading more on green building methods & the LEED certification and Living Building Challenge. It is very inspiring & my ecological background is very strongly appealed. I’ve also met with a few architect firms & banks. Continue reading

Time for action

This is indeed the very first, and most critical, step toward realizing our project: I’ve shared my ideas with my friends & family, I’ve read on the topic, I’ve even started taking classes on ecological building… But the most important step I’ve made, beyond thinking about and imagining it, has been to actually start doing something about it. Continue reading