A step back

You know how sometimes we get so caught up into a situation, our desires, that we forget the bigger picture. Well that just happened to me. Continue reading


A happy coincidence

This chapter of our peripeteia also dates back (maybe Francis will blog about it in more details), exactly on April 2nd.

We had noticed a great house for sale on the Matrix database but when it showed up (along with a few others), the owner had already accepted a sales offer. I called my real estate agent and she discouraged me to make a counteroffer. Though, she assured me she would be noticed right away if the buyers would withdraw their offer, and thus tell us – which we would know that Saturday, after their inspection. I thought it was a weird way of doing, but I didn’t argue, curious to see how it would unfold. I did well 🙂 Continue reading

Running in spiral

What have I been up to since October, when I was so driven to meet with architects and design our dream triplex? Well, I can actually tell you that I’ve been living. I had a myriad emotions about our project, building fabulous plans with my lover and then grinding them to dust when in doubt and returning to a safe “we’ll just buy a condo” idea. And then letting my passions inspire me again to find solutions to our financial dilemma. Continue reading