A step back

You know how sometimes we get so caught up into a situation, our desires, that we forget the bigger picture. Well that just happened to me. Continue reading


A happy coincidence

This chapter of our peripeteia also dates back (maybe Francis will blog about it in more details), exactly on April 2nd.

We had noticed a great house for sale on the Matrix database but when it showed up (along with a few others), the owner had already accepted a sales offer. I called my real estate agent and she discouraged me to make a counteroffer. Though, she assured me she would be noticed right away if the buyers would withdraw their offer, and thus tell us – which we would know that Saturday, after their inspection. I thought it was a weird way of doing, but I didn’t argue, curious to see how it would unfold. I did well 🙂 Continue reading

Property is expensive

I wanted to have a more precise idea of how much we could sell our 2 other triplex stories. That way, we know what’s the maximum price we should pay for a property in order to have enough money for the whole project. From doing this exercise, I realized that although we’d pay more in a trendy neighbourhood (let’s say La Petite-Patrie or Le Plateau Mont-Royal), the people living there would value more a LEED-certified building. Continue reading

An infinity of options

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to make some sense of the 100+ house ads I have access to through my real estate agent’s search engine. Continue reading

Knock knock!

Yesterday morning, I met our real estate agent in front of an empty house: my first visit! I had chosen this property (and 2 others) from browsing the real estate data base and I was excited to begin visiting. Continue reading

Time for action

This is indeed the very first, and most critical, step toward realizing our project: I’ve shared my ideas with my friends & family, I’ve read on the topic, I’ve even started taking classes on ecological building… But the most important step I’ve made, beyond thinking about and imagining it, has been to actually start doing something about it. Continue reading