The promised land

[Continued from A step back…] What gave me hope again, what got me so excited was the possibility of a “promised land”. A place where I could find my people, outside of Montreal. A friend told me about Val-David, a very small town an hour North of Montreal filled with nature-lovers, yogis, raw foodists and other people living their lives within the paradigms of sustainability, love, & freedom. Basically, what I had been trying to build with my triplex, but for a whole community. Continue reading


A step back

You know how sometimes we get so caught up into a situation, our desires, that we forget the bigger picture. Well that just happened to me. Continue reading

An infinity of options

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to make some sense of the 100+ house ads I have access to through my real estate agent’s search engine. Continue reading

Running in spiral

What have I been up to since October, when I was so driven to meet with architects and design our dream triplex? Well, I can actually tell you that I’ve been living. I had a myriad emotions about our project, building fabulous plans with my lover and then grinding them to dust when in doubt and returning to a safe “we’ll just buy a condo” idea. And then letting my passions inspire me again to find solutions to our financial dilemma. Continue reading

My New Year party

This year, with our daughter fast asleep, the new year came upon us as we were chatting on the couch about our triplex project. Continue reading

A pause

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m getting ahead of myself. I have explored our financial options, read on green building, met with architects and financial institutions, participated in workshops… but we don’t have a property yet. Continue reading

Change of plan

In the last few weeks, I’ve been reading more on green building methods & the LEED certification and Living Building Challenge. It is very inspiring & my ecological background is very strongly appealed. I’ve also met with a few architect firms & banks. Continue reading

A first draft

Here’s the idea, what I’m focusing on and working toward. Continue reading