Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Here’s how the LEED Canada for Homes program works: one can gain points in each of the 8 credit categories. The number of points achieved determines the level of certification obtained, from certified (min. 45 points) to platinum (up to 136 points), of which 19 are mandatory.

Innovation & Design Process: Special design methods, unique regional credits, measures not currently addressed in the Rating System, & exemplary performance levels.

– Integrated project planning, Durability management process, Innovative or regional design

Location & Linkages: The placement of homes in socially & environmentally responsible ways in relation to the larger community.

– LEED ND, Site selection, Preferred locations, Infrastructure, Community resources/transit, Access to open space

Sustainable Sites: The use of the entire property so as to minimize the project’s impact on the site.

– Site stewardship, Landscaping, Local heat island effects, Surface water management, Nontoxic pest control, Compact development

Water Efficiency: Water-efficient practices, both indoor & outdoor.

– Water reuse, Irrigation system, Indoor water use

Energy & Atmosphere: Energy efficiency, particularly in the building envelope & heating and cooling design.

– Optimizing energy performance, Insulation, Air filtration, Windows, Heating and cooling distribution system, Space heating and cooling equipment, Water heating, Lighting, Appliances, Renewable energy, Residential refrigerant management

Materials & Resources: Efficient utilization of materials, selection of environmentally preferable materials, & minimization of waste during construction.

– Material-efficient framing, Environmentally preferable products, Waste management

Indoor Environmental Quality: Improvement of outdoor air quality by reducing the creation of & exposure to pollutants.

– ENERGY STAR with IAP, Combustion venting, Moisture control, Outdoor air ventilation, Local exhaust, Distribution of space heating and cooling, Air filtering, Contaminant control, Radon protection, Garage pollutant protection

Awareness & Education: The education of the homeowner, tenant, &/or building manager about the operation and maintenance of the green features of a LEED home.

– Education of the homeowner or tenant, Education of building manager


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