Living Building Challenge

Here’s how the Living Building Challenge works: 7 Petals (or categories) are divided in 20 Imperatives. To merit a Petal, one must meet all its Imperatives. When all Petals are obtained, the project (renovation, landscape + infrastructure, building or neighbourhood) is worthy of the Living Building recognition.

Site: Restoring a healthy coexistence with nature

– Limits to growth, Urban agriculture, Habitat exchange, Car free living

Water:Creating water independent sites, buildings and communities

– Net zero water, Ecological water flow


      Relying only on current solar income

– Net zero energy


      Maximizing physical and psychological health and well being

– Civilized environment, Healthy air, Biophilia

Materials: Endorsing products and processes that are safe for all species through time

– Red list, Embodied carbon footprint, Responsible industry, Appropriate sourcing, Conservation + reuse

Equity: Supporting a just, equitable world

– Human scale + human places, Democracy + social justice, Rights to nature

Beauty: Celebrating design that creates transformative change

– Beauty + spirit, Inspiration + education


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