Here’s a list of green building workshops I’ve taken:

Formation en construction écologique (autoconstruction & maisons neuves). Oct. 2nd, 2010. By ECOhabitation.

I learned the basics of ecofriendly building, from orienting my house toward the sun & which percentage of my windows should be facing South, to the advanced framing technique, and why most houses should not have a basement at all – except one built in Montreal. I was especially happy to hear about the lecturer’s experience and his advices for my specific project.

Matériaux et techniques de finition écologiques et saines. Nov. 13th, 2010. By ECOhabitation.

I learned everything about remodeling, from finding pre-loved beams & doors to health issues regarding VOCs, BPAs and flame retardants. We also learned about the different types of floors, kitchen counters, paints, lighting, and yes, even toilets! As always, the lecturer’s commentaries were very insightful, experienced, weighted and sometimes funny!

Conférence sur la permaculture. May 1st, 2011. By Crudessence & Permaculture Internationale.

I had a glimpse of this philosophy of mimicking nature to make everything grow, from my veggies to my dreams. We did many hands-on activities to understand the concepts of ecological niche and ecosystem. I long to learn more on the subject!


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